The Head of Sales is responsible for overseeing all sales activities of the company and managing the sales teams.

Duties of the Head of Sales
Motivating the sales team to achieve the best results possible.
Setting activity and revenue targets for members of the sales team.
Continual training and development of all members of the sales department.
Attending key meetings with members of the sales team.
Working on account management plans with the sales account managers.
Identifying key areas for improvement in the sales process.
Spotting market opportunities for new customers.
Attending monthly meetings with other senior members of the business.
All aspects of recruitment and selection for the sales department.
Attending industry events and conferences to generate new business leads.
Acting as a spokesperson for the organisation at sales events and conferences.
Networking with other directors in order to generate new business for the company.
Monthly reporting on sales performance against budget and reporting on variances.

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