The rodeo life is more than just what happens in the arena. Join us behind the scenes.

"I don't care if you talk about cutting horses, or reining horses, or running horses or jumping horses; there has never been a stud horse that was that dominant in one industry, ever. He was phenomenal."

Ike Sankey

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"I get to feed my competitive side... but yet I get to raise my kids on the farm and have the animal side of things."

Matt Scharping

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"Picking up bucking horses is exciting for me... every time you open a chute gate, its an adrenaline rush."

Jered Gill
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"Getting to know those horses individually is one of my favorite aspects of the job."

Ryan Sankey
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"On my first year card, I've got William in the bareback riding... and I've got Skitso in the bronc riding, on the same day."

Wade Sankey

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