Your Stock Contractor:

  • Has quality livestock
  • Has a website
  • Has a Facebook Page
  • Brings an American flag
  • Has personnel

Sankey Pro Rodeo:

  • Provides you with a deeper pen of quality roughstock than anyone in the business.
  • Features your event with a live link on our website
  • Posts photos and shares of your event throughout the year, giving you added exposure to our 50,000+ Facebook and Instagram page fans.
  • Offers coordinated grand entries including music, costumes, scripts, video, flags¬†and matching horses tailored to your event.
  • Brings a team of professional personnel to make your show run smoothly.
  • Works with your committee to generate and implement revenue and marketing ideas.
  • Always provides a dedicated arena director that directs¬†the bucking chutes and runs the barrier.
  • Monitors arena conditions and has the knowledge to make improvements to make the dirt the best it can be.
  • Works with your marketing department to coordinate contests and giveaways between your Facebook page and ours.
  • Provides arena dressing including clean, logoed box pads, pickup man outfits, pickup man cover saddle blankets, a clean and dressed judge's horse.
  • Provides personal availability before, during and after your event. We are always just a phone call away.
  • Supports your community. We believe in buying our grain and fuel in your community to give back.